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Choose the correct answers

1.Water__________ at a temperature of 100°C.
is boilingboilsis to boil
2.In some countries _________very hot all the time.
isit isthere it is
3.In cold countries people wear thick clothes ____________ warm.
for to keepto keepfor keeping
4.In England people are always talking about __________.
the weathera weatherweather
5.In some places _____________ almost every day.
there rainsit rainingit rains
6.In deserts there isn´t ________ grass.
7.Places near the Equator have _______weather even in the cold season.
the warma warmwarm
8.In England _______ time of year is usually from December to February.
the coldestcoldestcolder
9._________ people don´t know what it´s really like in other countries.
Most ofMostThe most
10.Very _______ people can travel abroad.
11.Mohammed Ali ___________ his first world title fight in 1960.
is winninghas wonwon
12.After he_________an Olympic gold medal he became a professional boxer.
was winninghad wonhave won
13.His religious beliefs __________ change his name when he became champion.
made himhave made himmade him to
14.If he _________ lost his first fight with Sonny Liston, no one would have been surprised.
hadwould havehas
15.He has travelled a lot ___________ as a boxer and as a world-famous personality.
16.He is very well known __________ the world.
all overin allall in
17.Many people ____________ he was the greatest boxer of all time.
is believingbelieveare believing
18.To be the best _______ the world is not easy.
19.Like any top sportsman Ali _______ train very hard.
had toshouldmust
20.Such is his fame that people ________ always remember him as a champion.


Please choose the correct option (a, b, c):

1.The history of is short one.
2.For many centuries men to fly, but with success.
3.In the 19th century a few people succeeded in balloons.
4.But it wasn´t until the beginning of the century that anybody able to fly in a machine was heavier than air, in other words, in we now call a plane.
5.The first people to achieve powered flight were the Wright brothers. was the machine which was the forerunner of the jumbo jets that are common sight today.
6.They hardly have imagined that in 1969, more than a half century later, a man walking on the moon.
7.Already is taking the first steps towards the stars.
8.Space satellites have now existed around half a century and we are dependant them for all kinds of .
9.Not only being used for scientific research in space, but also to see what kind of weather .
10.By 2020 there have been satellites in space for sixty years and the space superpowers will be massive space stations built.
11.When these completed it will be the first time astronauts will be able to work in space in large numbers.
12. all that, in many ways the most remarkable flight all was of the flying bicycle, which the world saw on television, across the Channel from England to France,with nothing a man to power it.
13.As the bicycle-flyer said, “It´s the first time what hard work it is to be a bird!“


Choose the correct answers:

1.Many teachers_________ their students should learn a foreign language.
tellsaysay to
2.Learning a second language is not the same _______ learning a first language.
3.It takes ____________ to learn any language.
longlong timea long time
4.It is said that Chinese is perhaps the world´s ___________ language to master.
hardermore hardhardest
5.English is quite difficult because of all the exceptions __________ have to be learnt.
6.You can learn the basic structures of a language quite quickly, but only if you_________ make an effort.
will toare willing toare wanting
7.A lot of people aren´t used ____________ grammar in their own language.
to studyingto the studyto study
8.Many adult students of English wish they ___________ their language studies earlier.
would have startedwould starthad started
9.In some countries students have to spend a lot of time working________ their own.
10.There aren´t _______ easy ways of learning a foreign language in your own country.
11.Some people try to improve their English by ___________ the BBC World Service.
listeninglistening tohearing
12.________ with a foreign family can be a good way to learn a language.
13.It´s no use ________ to learn a language just by studying a dictionary.
to tryin tryingtrying
14.Many students of English___________ take tests.
would rather prefer notwould rather not towould rather not
15.Some people think it´s time we all_________ a single international language.
learntlearnshould learning


Please choose the correct option (a, b, c):

1.Charles Walker is a teacher at a comprehensive school in Norwich. He the staff of the school in 2010 and there ever since.
2.Before to Norwich, he taught in Italy and in Wales, and before that he a student at Cambridge University.
3.So far he in Norwich for as long as he was in Wales, but he likes the city a lot and like to stay there for at least another two years, or, he puts it, until his two children grown up a bit.
4.He met his wife, Kate, in 1992 while he abroad for a while, and they got married in 1996.
5.Their two children, Mark and Susan, both born in Norwich.
6.The Walkers´boy, is five, has just started at school, but sister at home for another couple of years, because she is nearly two years than him.
7.Charles and Kate Walker to live in the country, but now that they have children, they into the city.
8.Charles wanted a house the school get to work easily.
9.Unfortunately one the two of them really wanted was too expensive, so they buy one a bit further away.
10.By the time the children to secondary school, Charles and Kate hope will be in Norwich, the Walkers living there for at least fifteen years.
11.They can´t be sure if they but if they , their friends won´t be too surprised.


Choose the correct question tag in the following 10 items:

1.John´s coming to see you, ___________?
isn´t hehasn´t hewasn´t he
2.It´s been a long time since you´ve seen him, __________?
isn´t ithaven´t youhasn´t it
3.He´s due to arrive tomorrow, __________?
won´t heisn´t hewill he
4.He won´t be getting in till about 10.30, __________?
will heis heisn´t he
5.You met him while you were on holiday, __________?
haven´t youdidn´t youweren´t you
6.I think I´m expected to pick him up, __________?
aren´t Idon´t Iare you
7.No doubt you´d rather he stayed in England now, __________?
wouldn´t youshouldn´t youdidn´t you
8.Nobody else has been told he´s coming, __________?
has hehave theyis he
9.We´d better not stay up too late tonigh, __________?
didn´t wehave wehad we
10.I suppose it´s time we called it a day, __________?
isn´t itdon´tdidn´t we


Identify parts of speech

She- pronoun

1.Enthusiastically -
2.The -
3.And -
4.Ours -
5.Life-changing -
6.Seem -


Identify the tenses in the following sentences:

For example:
I get up at six every day. 
Present simple.

1.What were you doing at eight o´clock?
2.When I arrived at the party, Lucy had already gone home.
3.At that time we will have been living in the caravan for about six months.
4.Everything will have been done by Tuesday.
5.Excuse the mess, the house is being painted.


 Are the following descriptions TRUE or FALSE?

1.WOULD expresses past habits, regularly repeated actions in the past or past states
2.ALREADY is used with Perfect tenses in mid or end position in statements and questions.
3.STILL is used in statements and questions after the auxiliary or after the main verb.
4.We use didn´t need to/ didn´t have to when we know something happened in the past although it was not necessary.
5.Second conditional is used for imaginary situation contrary to facts in the past. It is also used to express regrets or criticism.


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